About Us

TM Acoustical Consultants Inc. (TMAC Inc.), is nation’s one of the prestigious acoustical consulting firms, having a team of talented and passionate professionals and leading experts. TMAC Inc.,  in association with our Principal Consultant, who is having more than 25 years of experiences, are keen to use their vast experiences and in-depth knowledge to achieve the client’s purposes.

TMAC Inc. renders consultancy services to the architects, engineers, and property owners who want to address acoustic concerns in the built environment. We provide acoustic consulting services specific to the needs of the client and the project. Our goal is to provide our clients with expertise and guidance to make informed decisions about acoustic issues impacting their project.

We are committed to provide state of the art acoustical consultancy services within a cost effective budgets to our clients. We provide our consultancy services for both new constructions as well as under renovation projects.

As independent consultants we aren’t biased with any particular product, brand, manufacturer, or contractor — or are prejudiced to any particular acoustical solutions. We only work for you—the architect, engineer, building owner and facility director, to ensure the most viable, effective and efficient acoustics solutions the your buildings and facilities.

Whether the project is in the design stages needing a review of potential acoustic issues or there is an existing noise issue requiring measurements, recommendations or an expert opinion, we offer a variety of services based on our expertise and experiences in acoustics. Bringing TMAC Inc. into a project in the design phase can actually save a designer and owner money when compared to redesigning or retrofitting a building after construction. The earlier we are brought in on a project the easier it is for acoustic elements to be implemented into the design. Acoustic solutions can be as basic as space planning or building orientation, which are easy to implement in the design phase.

We utilize advanced acoustical measuring systems to evaluate acoustical challenges in a large number of project types as well as utilizes advanced computer modeling methods to assess prospective design solutions. Our unique design process combined with years of research based design on diverse projects have made us one of the premier acoustical consulting firms in India.

Mr. Sanjeev Saraswat, The Principal Consultant at TM Acoustical Consultants Inc. has over 25 years experience in architectural acoustics, building sound insulation, mechanical noise, community noise assessments, and NVH.  He is also experienced in performing evaluations of community noise, mechanical noise, sound and impact transmission, and product sound power levels following ANSI, ISO, and other national and international acoustical standards and performance specifications, and local community code noise criteria.

He is ably assisted by our team of passionate and professional consultants who have vast experiences and in depth knowledge of Acoustics, Electro Acoustics, Audio Visual, Noise Control, and NVH systems. Our consultants are adept with EASE program to evaluate room designs for acoustical properties, constructions for sound insulation, and floor systems for impact isolation.