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Welcome To The Tm Acoustical Consultant Inc.

Tm Acoustical Consultants is a leading Professional Acoustic Treatment consultancy and design service provider with acoustical expert consultants which advice on most Technical as well as Economical parameters in the country. Tm Acoustical Consultant Inc. always advice for next-generation products and provide customized solutions for products like acoustic enclosure , portable cabins, noise barrier, auditoriums acoustic, Gymnasium hall, Studio, home theaters, puf insulated panels and related services to industries, infrastructure and architecture organizations from an extensive range of products to chose from, which suits their aesthetic as well as acoustic requirements.

Tm Acoustical Consultant Inc. is a leading consulting firm in Noise control, Acoustics, Insulation and Green Building Products. We provide consultancy and design service to Architects, Interior designers and builders for a wide variety of applications. .

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Noises like Noise Transmission, Echo, sound reflections, Reverberations etc. not only distracts the concentration of the working staff by creating a noisy environment by transmitting sound from one place to another. It also increases the stress levels and affects the efficiency. Sound Transmission also makes the official information vulnerable.
TMACs Understands and provide practical solutions to such issues which are easy to implementin commercial spaces like Auditoriums, lecture theaters, multiplexes schools, restaurants, officesgymnasiums, Indoor stadiums etc.
The solutions are designed, keeping in mind to suit both Economics as well as aesthetics of the locations.



High noise cause for hearing damage, effect performance of workers which will impact entire production target. so safety and economic requirements make a noise control program essential for industries. Also industries has to follow CPCB / ISO14001 Norms for noise pollution.
TMACs designed Industrial products provide optimum noise control through sound absorption and sound transmission loss, which are best suited for DG set and DG Set rooms, Blower Fans, Hoppers, Bag Filters, Compressors and Compressor Rooms, Testing Chambers, Test Cells, Engine Testing rooms etc

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Recent realizations

  • 5th-floor-auditorium-acoustic-design-model

    Auditorium Accoustic Treatment

    Jaipur National University, Jaipur

    TMACs is proud to associate as a Principal Acoustic and design Consultant for projects of Auditoriums and Lecture theaters in Jaipur National University.

     TMACs has not only provided consultancy on acoustics part but has also designed the entire Audio Visuals and Lights designing for the entire project.

  • wooden-fire-door

    Wooden Fire Door

    Manufacturers of Quality wooden fire door  Prime door frames made out of Hardwood  suitable for mounting shutters with heat activated Intumescent fire seal strips (Imported) of size – 10 x 4 mm provided on grooves on all the three sides of the frame.  The door assembly shall be fixed to the door frame with heavy duty stainless steel hardware.

  • wooden-acoustic-door

    Wooden Acoustic Door

    Acoustic door’s are useful to control noise transfer from one room to other room / meeting room , Conference room , outside noise control, studio purpose , Cinema hall and at many other places . Door frame shall be of teak / hard wood of size –   110 mm X 100 mm, including making necessary grooves in the frame for fixing of hollow bulb type EDPM gaskets on rebates to block noise leakage from gap in between door frame and shutter.


  • “Tm Acoustical Consultant Inc was the product I always wanted. The Echo Absorbing tiles not only had great acoustic rating, but also had a perfect Yatchy Style! It is a perfect combination of performance as well as aesthetics”
  • “The results of acoustic treatment done by Tm Acoustical Consultant Inc are amazing. We have been trying to solve the noise problem from the past two years with various products. Tm Acoustical Consultant Inc Systems provided the best solutions which was really effective
  • “The acoustic sliding partitions along with the kind of quality Tm Acoustical Consultant Inc provides ! I think it’s a steal. Plus, if you are ever in a pinch, the Ecotone Team is quick to answer and provides great feedback and support to the customers.”  

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